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Mountain High... This River is Deep!

Just over a month into this game - my learning journey continues. Since this release I have discovered many avenues and tactics to be used in the future...

Play-listing & Reviews

Being trying to get on to playlist mainly through submit hub since it easy to apply - as i said I was using this track as a learning tool before I release my own tracks - So I met submithub and applied to playlist and a peer review area named hot or not! No playlist has accepted me (although i understand the track wasn't quite right for most) - I got good feedback on the whole - mainly people liking the vocals and the attempt to make a good version of a classic - Highest score 94/100 (fire) - Its nice to have feedback and been nice reviewing other songs in exchange and to listen as a reviewer:

Performance by genre- Old-school Hip-Hop: 88 / 100 (based on 3 ratings) - Hip-Hop / Conscious Hip-Hop: 79 / 100 (based on 5 ratings) - Commercial: 73 / 100 (based on 2 ratings) - Indietronica: 67 / 100 (based on 2 ratings) - Alternative Rock: 62 / 100 (based on 6 ratings)

SUMMARY Free ratings: 14/15 Votes: 14 up; 0 down Average score: 72 / 100 (based on 14 ratings)

Someoneupvotedthis songa day agowith a score of 65 / 100

"nice one , love it"

Someoneupvotedthis songa day agowith a score of 82 / 100

"Amazing cover! Vocals are perfect, keep it up man🔥💯 do more covers!"

Someoneupvotedthis song2 days agowith a score of 59 / 100

"Okay, at first... I was really not a fan. Like don't touch Floyd, it's bar cover band territory. But when it dropped, I got it. Good take on adding variety to a "Don't touch it" tune. "

Someoneupvotedthis song2 days agowith a score of 94 / 100

"Very good sounding track, best wishes. Nice job. Love the vocals"

Pros -

Good way to connect to community

Receive feedback from strangers - something to consider

Listening to new music

Understanding what people are looking for

Cons -

Time - Consuming

Can hurt when negative things are said (unless they true)

Another form of social media to manage

Tips to take on for next track:

Find the right playlists

Engage with reviewers to become fans

Know realistic expectations of promotion

Try to get reviews/blogs before release


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