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I'm Now an Artist! 7 Days...Thank You X

It has been one week since I released ABITW - my first release. It been quite an interesting few weeks as I tried to promote this thing - these are all new actions that i spent a lifetime avoiding - preferring to be live and direct - But in this new age I have embraced the world of Instagram, artists profiles, Distrokid and a whole new sense of 'putting myself out there. It is hard to not feel a bit arrogant trying to make people listen but overall it has been really good fun and a positive experience:

Good Things

- Getting off the ground, eg, website, profiles,'s and linktrees

- Experimenting with different art forms and finding a platform to share

- Connecting with people - Old friends and new friends. I underestimated the level of connections I would have with so many people over the last week but it has been nice to know of such well wishes and support messages

- Feeling free after wanting to do this for a while

Bad Things

- Social Media is time consuming and a bit tiring - I felt a little burnt out after 10 days

I love the stats for the platforms - that data is great and interesting: Ket Stats (after 7 Days)

- Over 1000 views of the Teaser video - mainly on facebook - by far the most popular part of the campaign

- 80 streams on Spotify / 30 Apple Music / 9 Soundcloud

- Loads of Plays on Release day 33 out of 80 on Spotify - this shows that the pre-sales are really, really important and will help with playlists and algorithms

- London Most popular city

- Canada 2nd most Plays after UK - Thank You Canada

- 140 visits to my website

Overall I am very happy and grateful to everyone. I feel that I have experienced much that will help me for the next tune (eyes wide). Thanks all x

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