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25 hours To Go

Til my first single is released - Starting to get into instagram and using facebook to promote - It was nice to have max round to do a little interview on Monday... I added the video for you all to see.

Thought for the day - People spend loads of time on IG! I see peoples lives flicking in front of my eyes - I always think about how much personal info to give away? I don't want to give away much other than the creativity outlet - please don't expect any family, hamsters of trips to the farm - although do except the occasional dance move.

Love the analytics of all this - seeing who looks and interacts with what - I want to find out my audience and help to cater to them - any thoughts to some impressions of me as an artist would be welcome - Thanks for all those who have interacted with my site - I have over 50 unique visitors which is nice - Thanks

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